Competitive Edges

Fits any building layouts towards green construction development. Designer engineers are not required to change the building layout to suit the technology.

Capable of forming any types of structural design. Unique as it forms all vertical and horizontal structure members in a building including; wall, column, beam, slabs and staircases.

Equipments are comprised of standard size pieces of formwork, as a result, as high as 70% of the standard size formwork components are reused for one building layout.

The walls and floors are casted at the same time in one uninterrupted operation and besides the finishing work can be started instantly, so the velocity of the building is much faster. Project completion is much faster than the traditional formwork as a big sum of work can be completed in each day-to-day work modus operandi.

No demand for brick laying and daubing as all walls can be formed at the same time. Completing work such as window repair, wall tiling and plumbing work can be installed instantly once the concrete is casted.

Four (4) to seven (7) days cycle per floor.

Superior quality is obtained due to unmoved casting of whole construction and all adjacent walls done in uninterrupted operation. The walls and the floor slabs are casted at the same time, hence there are no weak articulations.

The walls are made of strengthened concrete which provides much greater stability than columns with brick walls and wall surfaces maintains a smooth surface for much longer time.

Wall and slab elements are casted together hence, the insides have neat and clean lines without unsightly projections in assorted corners. All the external walls are made up of concrete and do not require cement daubing.

Besides having a smooth coating which will not require frequent repainting, the care cost is negligible as the walls and ceiling are made up of high quality concrete which will not require frequent fixes.

The aluminium formwork panels are made up of aluminium which can be reused for hundreds of times, in some cases up to 300 times.

And in the case of end-of-life, the aluminium can be recycled for other merchandises.

Fast completion saves financial costing as in the case of leasing, aluminium formwork panels can be returned according to contract period or even earlier than expected.

There is no demand of labor for constructing brick walls as major portion of the construction is cast in concrete by minimal workers.

Aluminium formwork panels are lightweight and are passed from floor-to-floor, lifted manually, again, by minimal workers hence less costing for heave machineries e.g. tower cranes.

Less skilled workers are required on the site as all the finishing points are prefabricated.